Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I really wish I had amazing technicolor hair

Dear Shakespeare,
Urghhh I don't know how to start this letter to you, beginnings are always the hardest thing. Sometimes I  try to personify school, when I write angsty poems on the train at the end of term, but if I actually think really hard about the sort of person school would be I'm not all that sure. Maybe a family friend, the nice yet notoriously gossipy type you see all the time and don't have much in common with but still don't mind. I don't know, I mean sometimes I genuinely enjoy school and learning but it can also feel overwhelming and anxiety inducing. All the superficial socialising and the false fronts really wear me down and disgust me after  a while but I guess I'm part of it too, and perhaps that makes it worse. But I don't hate school, despite my melodramatic declarations otherwise, it just seems like a soupy experience, all the good and bad things mushed together like undercooked carrots and noodles. Anyways what am I even saying? And why am I comparing my school experiences to raw carrots? Hmm at any rate what I really wanted to talk to you about was HAIR.  I spent most of my classes today having in depth discussions with friends over dying hair, toner, hair inspiration, bleach etc. All I really want is to have fantastic aqua/teal/purple/pine green/any awesome colour hair so in honour of my desperation I have attached several photos of hair I deeply admire.

 Oh also just sayin all images are sourced from tumblr. I couldn't track the original sources of the images because I saved them onto my laptop ages ago into a folder titled "Hairrrrrrr"  but if anyone sees a photo of theirs which I have used and would like me to acknowledge them/take it down just let moi know.


yeye for Enid Coleslaw 

 Truly Mary, 

Ps. I'm going to see art by Kate Price this weekend! Yayyyy

Pps. I really need to go op/thrift shopping. It has reached  a level of  physical longing-y type pain, I haven't been in weeks and I really just need to go and buy some lacy granny shirts and plaid miniskirts and urghhh I just wanna get pretty and cheap clothes 

my hair Idol, Grimes, is the fabbest singer...



  1. I wish I had amazing coloured hair too! and Grimessssssssssssssssss


    1. Yessss. I think I might dye my hair purple over the summer with my friend (she's going a pale lilac) so I'm really excited. Also Grimessss is the perfectest and most wonderblime

  2. dear lord your blog is amazing. that is all

  3. the day my red hair fades to brown, i am dyeing it. i loved these pics

    xoxo liza

    1. Aren't the wonderblime? Also yeah last year I dyed my hair pinkish red and I kept redyeing it for quite a while until my mom got annoyed and threw the dye away :(