Friday, 30 August 2013

If you know me from school go away.Now. Close this tab

Dear Shakespeare,
I want to talk to you about seeing Tavi, but for some reason I can't bring myself to write about it yet. Hmmm maybe soon. In fact I really don't have the energy to write much at the moment. I will complain to you for a bit though, seeing as complaining seems to be my only talent.... (watch as I dot point, aint I clever)

  • My scanner makes everything I do look ugly. Well I guess that assumes my art looks semi decent in the first place, but honestly, it sucks the color out of my pictures and it only fits a4 sheets of paper. Most of my stuff is on A3 sheets of paper or random scraps of stuff I find in my room 
  • People from my school found this (collection of letters). I mean it's weird. One of the reasons why I love the internet (asides from the fact I can find almost anything) is that its such a great place for me to say what I like or post whatever sad attempt at poetry/art/diary writing I am working on. And I don't have to worry about it. Urghhh I give up. Whatever. Nobody has probably actually seen this thing/blog and I am simply overreacting 
  • I am tired all the time. When I wake up it's the worst. I feel more tired that when I first fell asleep. People aggravate me, socializing leaves my head thudding and hurting. Why are people so fake and superficial? 
Anways because I am lazy I will just send you some pictures of things I have done-ish, please try not to laugh at their urghhhh-ness

    At Tavi's talk It's hard to see my collar or crown but they were really glitzy
So I tried to take a picture of some flowers and this happened 
I tried to collage my ticket to Tavi's world
Photo thingy with a friend

Truly Mary, 
P.s. I'm working on a drawing/painting of you with new clothes. I figure that you must want to wear something asides from the heavy looking garbs you're always seen in on pictures online.

P.P.S. listen to this fabbity song. Outkast is too gr9


  1. People from school read my blog too, ughhh! >.< Also, wow you got to see Tavi! Lucky! and I love your coat xxx


    1. It sucks! Also sorry for the late reply, I am awkwardly navigating my way through blogger. Seeing Tavi was soo amazing and I don't have the adjectives to describe it. Thanks,the coat is really old

      P.s I realllly like your blog, its fabaroonie xxx

  2. Ugh I am sorry but you are literally so cool! I've been reading through your blog and looking at your pictures and collages and outfits and wow you are fab and also adopt me please! (It might work, I look a little bit like you) But yeah, i am kinda fangirling over you. Stay cool cool cat.


    1. Omg yayyyy and thankyou! I love your blog, I mean I found it recently but I was like woah she is so wonderblime and awesome. Also yayyy lets be super fab together and pretend to be related :)