Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I'm seeing Tavi on Friday!!

Dear Shakespeare,

 How does it feel to be dead? Does the novelty wear off after the first hundred years or so? Was that an insensitive question? I am soo terribly sorry if it was. I seem to always blather about my inconsequential feelings to you that either make up angsty posts or, quite more often, ripped sheets of paper filled with my blue marker scrawl. Today I will refrain from warbling on about how I feel, it makes me think that I am far too self-absorbed, and I'm not even all that interesting, quite generic. At any rate, Shakespeare, I am EXCITED (oops, that's a feeling). Anyways  IM SEEING TAVI GEVINSON TOMORROW!! I won a ticket to attend her keynote after entering a competition on the lovely website birdeemag. I haven't the slightest idea what I shall wear, but I've made myself a junk tiara constructed mainly out of metallic pipe cleaners, Oh, I also made a detachable collar with random splotches of yellow and lots of plastic glitzy stuff I could find. Perhaps I'll send you some pictures of them soon.

My head is aching, truly thumping and moaning, so before I finish this letter in favor of seeking refuge in a corner of the room I wanted to show you some photos. Please don't judge me too harshly, this was the first ever photo-shoot I've done. I'm only a rookie, willing to learn. Alas, here are an assorted few:

Truly Mary, 


  1. Wow! i love these pictures, especially the 3th 4th and 5th!

    1. really?? Thanks a heap, It's the first time I've ever tried to do a photo-set thingy so it kinda sucks but I'm practicing and learning with cheap disposables. Also OMGOGM Moon Magic zine is soo wonderblime and fabaroonie!

    2. hihi fabaroonie :) You should really submit something to moon magic zine, I'm in love with these pictures really! I also placed them in my last post, with links ofc. I wonder how your disposables will look, i'm curious! xo

    3. Yayy for moon magic zine. Also thanks! urghh you are sooo nice! I just shot a mini photo set with a friend and am getting the film developed soon, if it turns out alright and fits the current theme for the zine I'll defs send some stuff in. And thanks for putting some of my stuff on your totally fab blog. You are just awesome :)