Saturday, 22 March 2014

I've finally started to use the scanner again!

Dear Shakespeare, 
Just photos of two new paintings I did. No pretty prose, or angst fueled confessions, or poetry; just two things.  I must say that sometimes I wonder what people think when they look at what I create. At a theoretical level I know that I ought not to wonder or care and that self-validation is really what I should achieve, but there's still this nagging part of my head that wonders if it all just looks like a mass of awkward lines. This sounds cliche as hell but when I paint I paint my thoughts/emotions, it's personal. so I rarely show people what I paint when it's not online. It's too hard to share it, to hear it being judged, it's almost like my thoughts and emotions would then be judged. But sometimes I think an external/different perspective would be interesting. What do you think Shakespeare?  

Ps. Kilo Kish has such a fabulous afro, also her music is totally interesting 

Truly Mary, 

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