Saturday, 22 March 2014

Photo Diary: Backyard Adventures in Suburbia

Dear Shakespeare, 
How are things for you? Being a ghost and all. I'm thinking of reading Hamlet, but for now I'll just struggle through Sartre. Anyways I know two posts in one day is a bit much but this is just a little photo diary:

I found these photos in my room from the beginning of summer, I took them on a disposable. Also I can't wait to get my photos from Ethiopia developed! I think I'll get that done soon

Truly Mary,


  1. "struggle through satre" that made me giggle a little because it reminds me of something Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh would say because he loves satre so i read that line over with a british accent. (its funnier in my head). These photos look great! The way the light falls on them captures this innocent yet hauntingly beautiful look to them. I feel like theres a story in these photos.

    1. hahahaha I didn't even realise :) Thankyou, I was just taking photos of what was happening around me, it wasn't really set up so hopefully it does convey some sort of story. Idk, I was just hanging out in the backyard on a nice summers day

  2. These are so beautiful, Mary! They remind me of the photographs from my childhood.

  3. omg these are just so amazing big love

  4. Great post! Love your blog, how about we follow each other via GFC? (google friend connect) just let be know on my blog and I'll be sure to follow back! x

  5. such great photos!