Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Reality isn't a film, or a poem or a song
It isn't always cinematic, or romantic, or picturesque
Life is sometimes monotonous and grey and moves too slowly and yet too fast.
But there are moments, more romantic and real than anything in a film or a poem or a song.
Moments we often overlook, forget or dismiss:
When laughter becomes a cackle
The taste of strawberry ice cream eaten outside in the summer
Learning to skateboard at the park with your best friend

These moments aren't the same for everyone,
There is no universal aesthetically pleasing moment, or one of happiness
It cannot be applied to one’s life like an equation in math
But these moments are all the same; In isolation they mean nothing
Yet the way they make us feel makes reality all the worth living   

*This is just a little poem/prose-y thing I wrote yesterday about recent thoughts, idk 


  1. This is beautiful, and probably one of the most relatable things I've read. The part about learning to skateboard with my friend reminded me of the time I was rollerblading for the first time with my then best friend. I constantly fell over and I was so clumsy. I even sliced my wrist when I fell over holding onto a metal fence but it also makes me feel more accomplished, and nostalgic in the good way, like when you learn to ride your bike.

  2. Aww thankyou! Hahah yess i'm sure that experience of rollerblading for the first time was amazing though, in a very real way. I spent a week last summer with a friend where we spent hours every day learning to skate board, and ate ice cream when we were tired and it was just so perfect without necessarily being visually perfect.

  3. this is so true and really beautiful!
    i think that people should keep this in mind, but unfortunately, it is forgotten way to often. it's your attitude which makes moments and happenings wonderful (or not, of course)